Advent of the Trinity

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    New Towns

    Many new villages to discover, situated in regions near and far. New townsfolk to speak with, quests to uncover and shops to peruse.

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    Lots of new items and equipment. In fact, whole categories of items to be found and collected! Collect 'em all!

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    The moons of Trammel and Felucca were having their phases saved in the original game. Now they are being restored as well!

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    New Oracles

    Oracles have mysteriously appeared in the lands. What is their secret, why have they appeared, and what is their connection to the virtues?

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    New and deviously dangerous dungeons to explore. Can you find your way through them, or even out? Your avatar will be pushed to his limit.

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    Horses are not the only mount you can outfit your party with. Seek out hints to lead you to a mount which will help the Avatar cleanse the lands of evil.


About the Mod

This project aims to modify the original Ultima IV to add additional content, via quests, locations and features. It will also not alter the original quest content at all, permitting the game to be completed in the original fashion, whilst still making the new content available. A few bug fixes of the original code will also be added.


Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Moonphases restored on save
  • All chest trap types working
  • No more infinite Mystic Weaps/Armor
  • Hythloth bug fixed
  • Ship instant repair bug fixed
  • Camping at sea bug fixed
  • Status-Trick fixed
  • Passage of the Moons-Trick fixed
  • Other Small fixes

New Features

  • New Hamlets and Towers
  • New Shops and Merchants
  • Dozens of new Characters
  • New Dungeons (Crypts)
  • New, powerful Artifacts
  • New Shrines (Oracles)
  • 2nd levels for all Towns
  • Multi-level Castles
  • New magic system
  • New tiles/sprites
  • New mounts
  • Ultima V style reagent mixing
  • Variable Battle maps
  • Terrain based Camp maps
  • Many other small additions

Other Highlights

  • Saved games are compatible with vanilla Ultima IV


  • All credit goes to ergonomy-joe for making this possible, thanks to his u4-decompiled.
  • James Van Artsdalen for the conversion to C for Dos
  • Lord British for the greatness that is Ultima IV