Development Blog

This project aims to modify the original DOS Ultima IV to add additional content, via quests, locations, and features.

Beta Update


The Beta testing continues ahead full steam, and a new default bug has been encountered.

The Beta teams is making their way through full play-throughs of the game. And it turns out, that takes time! In fact, they have only started wading into the Trinity content in the last few weeks. Prior to that they were hitting a lot of basic, default stuff, which was fun for them as well, since much of it has been tweaked slightly to make a play through fresh for old players. So runes were mostly relocated, and given slightly tweaked quests to find them. Some a little, some a lot. But fresh.

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Beta Begun and Balancing


Thanks to everyone who volunteered to Beta Test. I got a handful of testers, and they are getting started.

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I have created some Ultima IV related resources that may be of interest to others, so maybe I will start gathering them here for others to use, if they are of any use.

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Beta Testers Needed


I had hoped to somehow keep all production ‘in house’, but this final stage of play testing/bug hunting will require outside help.

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